Distribute unlimited amounts of music using ConnectDeck, have global reach as an artists and label. We have direct relationships with global streaming and user generated content companies. Deliver your music to all of the largest outlets like Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Napster, Tidal and so many more, but why stop there? Tap into new fans in India, Asia, and Africa with our partners like Anghami, SimfyAfrica, Boomplay, Tencent, iMusica. Work with our team to introduce your music to new markets.



We invest in you. As an invite-only platform, we select those that we believe in. Connect Music finds success by guiding our clients through the distribution process and supporting their varying project needs. With no upfront cost, you remain 100% owner of your rights with a revenue share of 80/20. This revenue sharing model ensures that we work diligently to ensure your release rises above and cuts through the noise. If you don’t earn we don’t either.


Our user-friendly portal was built to provide users with easy to use tools to keep them at the top of their game. The customized interface makes it easy to navigate and allows users to set up new releases, view real time analytics, assert their rights, and manage payments.

Catalog Management

Our robust catalog management features allow you to build your release, gather pre order links and leverage our marketing tools to market your project and build your artists brand.

Insight & Analytics

Powered by Entertainment Intelligence we don’t just show you numbers – we produce actionable insights, so you and your team can make informed decisions to nurture and grow your audience. We notify you when we detect a “heartbeat,” such as an old track, picking up steam.

Rights Management

Collect every dollar earned by your music we monetization your content and user generated content on YouTube, Souncloud, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Triller.

We resolve conflicts and ensure you collect every cent your music generates!

Accounting & Payments

60 Days after your release date expect your first payment! After that we provide payments on the 15th of each month all with no minimum payment threshold. Each payment provides a data rich report to understand your demographics and how they consume your music by mobile device, laptop or wearable device like an Apple Watch